Monday, July 27, 2009

Chrissy's Company

Chrissy loves having company drop by, which is good because these past few weeks she's had four or so visits. A dear lady from her Sunday School class stopped in one morning with two peaches and the current issue of Journey magazine. This woman is so faithful to visit my mother. Another day, while at the office I called home and asked her what she was doing; to which she replied, "I'm talking with this man and his wife." While she couldn't get their names out, eventually she was able to say "Ed's friends."

Over the weekend I was at the grocery and thought I'd call her. This time I was told that she couldn't talk with me as she was talking with this man who does the same kind of work as her grandson - in law enforcement - and then she hung up the phone! That made me stop the cart in mid isle and I immediately called back - she said "he has his kids with him" and then hung up again - I kid you not, no hello or goodbye - only a few words, then click. I headed out the door wondering who I might call to check on her as my sweet man was golfing in S.C. I was almost to my car when Chrissy called and started chattering that the man had left and that his children were selling something for school; she had contributed $2.00 to each child, - way out of character as Ms. Chrissy is usually as tight as the bark on a tree. We continued to talk with me stating very clearly that she not hang up until I said goodbye (doesn't always work as we've stated such before!). Back inside, I returned to the cart - still in mid isle where I had left it and continued with the list though much less focused. Once home, we were able to place the mystery man's idenity as mother remembered his parents lived in our neighborhood. She seemed a bit flustered, probably because of my anxiety and all the questions! She repeated several times that I should know she wouldn't just let anyone inside! As I was unpacking her groceries my sweet Chrissy commented that I sure didn't get her very much!

Last year, she would go out and about with me and would be fine. She even looked forward to weekend trips to Tuesday Morning. This year it is so different in that she wants to stay home, most all of the time, so I keep tabs on her with the phone and that usually works okay. I know the day is coming when there will be a new plan.


Oh Dear said...

So I laughed...several times reading this! Maybe because I can see your face SO clearly!

Now that Chris is not shopping with you, she has money to give to the children. Also, I think Chris and Lydia could be dangerous together-hanging up the phone after giving the facts and then saying you did not get her much....all so Lydia.

Zoe said...

Judy, Your comment on my blog really struck home with me. Our Goodwill knows me by name too. :-)

Wendy Blight said...

What a great story. My mother-in-law is beginning to show signs of dimentia and doctors are running many tests. I love checking in on your blog because your words encourage me about this disease and you show me we can still sad as this disease is. Watching her change this way truly hurts my heart. We must learn to love and accept our new Nana.