Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time Away

Oh my, it has been over a month since my last post! We have been on vacation with friends and returned fully rested. While away, Chrissy took a fall one morning as she was coming in the back door from the deck, ending up with soreness and a bruised and scraped elbow. When the lady who stays with her arrived, Chrissy told her that she was dizzy but didn't say a word about falling. That afternoon I received a call from the lady that mother was missing me and wanted to know when I was coming back. While I am so thankful nothing was broke as it could have been so much worse, I just hate it that she was alone when hurt.

Moving along, while my sister from KY was in visiting mother, her precious daughter came over and the three of them played rummy! Of course Chrissy loves all her grandchildren but this granddaughter brings out the laughter whenever she and Chrissy are together. I hear that Chrissy plays really well and that she won more times than not! While allowances were made whenever a card was laid down and Chrissy would change her mind, both my sister and niece agree that she plays rummy really well and it's just amazing!


Oh Dear said...

Mark has so many card playing memories as a child! Won't be long and we will see the "Ole girl" as Clay called her.

Emily said...

I love the way she will hold all her cards and watch to see how many I have (which is usually a LOT) then draw, place her matching cards on the table, THROW down her discard then raise her hands and lean back in the chair and LAUGH....she just won and i have a handful of HIGH cards!!! :)