Saturday, July 11, 2009

Health Concerns

My little mother's health has declined these past few weeks. She seems to have no energy at all; she seems exhausted with even the slightest task. Friday we went to her family doctor to have blood work, including a B12 level. I really must get her established with a geriatric physician. I guess it's also time for the annual neurologist appointment.

The other day Chrissy was talking about my sister who mother believes to be very forgetful - and then she made reference to something I had forgotten. She paused and said, "and I'm the one taking medicine!"

Today she spent a few hours with me at my house. I lured her over with green beans to string! Once inside, she wandered over to the kitchen table and found a plastic bag with seven tomatoes. She counted out three, laid them aside and said "that leaves you four and me three - okay?" I just love it!

Evenings continue to be most difficult for her. The past few weeks while watching TV, she will lay her head over on her chair while rocking and just stare off. This is unusual for her as she always watches her favorite shows at night. Her convesation is even more repetitive.

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