Monday, May 24, 2010

Difficult week.

Whew - a hard week with Chrissy. She has been in the Alzheimer's dark hole for more than a week now. Unlike the other times, she's holding her head down more and staring off in space. I ask her what she's looking at and she will say the TV, but not so. She starts to speak and then says she has forgotten what she was going to say. And she is eating only small amounts. Yesterday, up until 6 that evening she had only a few bites of ice cream, and that was with much coaxing. For dinner she ate a few bites of the meat and vegetable - no dessert though, and that is so not Chrissy. 

Chrissy called today to say that Emily, her grand-daughter called her and would be visiting a few days this week. Then she told me to go to the bank because she needs greenback (money)! Mother loves loves loves Emily.

I am told to expect continued decline and that this disease is terminal. But often, knowing something and living it are quite different.