Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sense of Humor

A few weeks back Becky came in for the weekend and brought Chrissy a chocolate apple wrapped in red foil. One evening while watching Andy she decided she would eat her apple. About halfway through it (truly) she stated, " I think I will tell Becky there was a worm in this apple!" She just laughed at the thought of pulling that joke on Becky! Last night, of all things for her to remember, she decided to call Becky and tell her about the worm being in her apple. I love hearing Chrissy laugh and so thankful that she continues to have her sense of humor.

Yesterday we ventured to the Kitchen Store in Asheville only to learn it had relocated. I got turned around several times before heading in the right direction. Chrissy kept telling me to find a phone booth and call someone! I really don't understand how I can navigate Greenville fine but get so turned around in Asheville. We decided to shop at Marshalls in Arden and then eat at Cracker Barrel. When her beef stew arrived it was served in a bread bowl which she found so interesting - the inside bread was scooped out and came with a bread lid! After she ate it all she promptly put the bread lid on top of her bowl and smiled. I love, love, love these moments.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stressful Week

Chrissy has seemed more hyperfocused in the last week or so; meaning, the conversation goes on and on and over and over. I think it began with the snow. Last Tuesday evening I opened her front door to show her the covered yard – with child-like excitement she made two or three calls talking about the snow. While most of the snow had melted the following day; it was still frigid out.
She couldn’t understand that I would be going in to work – with the snow and all, surely no one would come to the office. I probably had five phone calls from her that day.

Next came John’s boat leaving the garage – her continued thoughts and speech focused on those insurance people, what business it was of theirs and how they knew the boat was in her garage.

One morning she had on a dirty blouse and had not brushed her hair, for her this is a bit unusual. I brushed her hair and got her to change blouses. She informed me this was her house! She wasn’t mad, she often has difficulty finding words consistent with the situation.

The week before she received a check for $82.00 and wanted it “out of the house” meaning in the bank. The following day I was unable to stop at the bank and nothing would suit her until I brought her check back inside (it was in the car). She knew that Amy would deposit it when she came over on Wednesday. Amy was unable to come on Wednesday so mother gave me another chance to put it in her account. I’m most usually really busy at work so I didn’t get to the bank that day either. In the evening she needed it out of the car and brought it inside. This weird dance went on for about four days, each morning she would give me her check and then insist she keep it at night. I finally made it to her bank, phoned to let her know and she replied “praise the Lord!”

Yesterday morning as I was about to unlock the storm door Chrissy opened it and immediately began with “see that crack” – the bottom of the door allows for a very small strip of light to come through. That conversation continued until I left for work. I thought it would end however I talked with Ed thirty minutes or so later and he was over there - Chrissy had called him to come look at her door. That evening coming home I called Ed and learned he was at mothers’; again she had called him to come over to check out the door!