Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good Day

Here is Ms. Chrissy peeling an apple while relaxing on our deck! Yesterday was such a good day for her. She stayed at my house for almost two hours and later went with me to run errands. It has been way over a year since she has been that active.

Later that afternoon I walked in her house and found all the bed linens in the hallway floor, three shelves emptied. She was looking for a particular bed sheet that had my name on it. Chrissy has a generous spirit and tends to give her best away sometimes. I labeled some of her linens hoping they might stay around. Anyway, after gathering everything off the floor, guess where we found her soft bed sheet? Yes, on her bed! Her only comment was, "I knew it was here somewhere." So, our project for today is to match, fold, and put away bed linens.


Oh Dear said...

Maybe it is that Ale-8 that gave her an extra boost. Thankful for your good day!

Kerry said...

Chrissy looks so happy and content!