Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Photo credit - Psychiatric Interviewing: the Art of Understanding by Shawn Christopher Shea, M.D. 

My niece, Emily, came over to spend time with Chrissy, her grandmother, on Monday and spent the night as well.  I had talked with Chrissy earlier in the day and could hear happiness in her voice.   These two share a connection that I've not seen between Chrissy and any other family member or friend.  When they are together there is so much laughter, almost no topic or person is off limits, and thoughts and opinions are voiced freely - not with the tone of gossip.  Pretty much, they can look at each other and crack up laughing about something!  I stopped by that evening after work and found them at the kitchen table fully engaged as usual with the deck of cards between them!  Emily couldn't understand why she has to search for the cards each time she visits as she clearly remembers always putting them in the first drawer.  Chrissy just laughs and tells her that she takes them out of the drawer and puts them up so they will know where to find them!  Of course, that gets them both laughing hysterically.  Their next topic, which I truly can not even repeat much less post, took them even to a higher level of laughter - seriously.  It's seems there is a visceral connection, beyond words or family relationship or dynamics.  While I laughed with them, I watched both hold each others eyes, knowing these two beautiful women, grandmother and grand-daughter, are also communicating love without words -  each from their own place of unspoken pain.        

An enlightening article by Angil Tarach, RN GCM; posted on Alzheimer's Reading Room, February 2nd.  I was a bit surprised by my reaction and will ponder on this more.

Alzheimer's Reading Room: Beautiful Does Not Always Mean Better


Oh Dear said...

So sweet and to think Miss Emily could have very easily lived hundreds of miles from her grandmother....such a good God!

Abiding Branch said...

That is a marvelous post! I'm glad I saw your comment on Linda's facebook! I have begun a blog about Bogey as well:

Chel (Rachele Posey)