Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The other evening I was scanning facebook and a new friend posted she was making popcorn the old fashion way: on the stove with oil, butter, and salt. In conversation with Chrissy I mentioned this post, along with my question as to how much oil. My little mother just looked at me and then said she was sure she could pop corn, so off to the kitchen we went. I set out two skillets for her to choose from and turned on the burner - and Chrissy did everything else! I was watching, waiting for the kernels to pop and she told me that "a watched pot never pops!" I am so proud of her popcorn and she looks pleased also!


ladyd said...

I love this! Back in the day this is how I popped corn, in a pot with oil, was always the best. It is just wonderful to see her doing this and she is just glowing!

Kerry said...

Aren't you amazed when these type of moments come? I love her remark "A watched pot never pops". What a wonderful memory you made that evening.