Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Recipe

A few weeks ago I found a new adult version recipe for macaroni and cheese that I wanted to try. I knew I would have extended time with Chrissie over the Memorial Day holiday and thought she and I might cook together. I looked forward to the complicated recipe knowing that mother usually enjoys “helping out.” Chrissie had the task of stirring the roux – around 15 minutes. When I added dry mustard, cayenne, and garlic to the roux mixture she calmly asked that I reread the recipe. While stirring she stated several times “everyone likes the macaroni and cheese you always fix.” Later when blending three cheeses with the roux mixture she commented “I don’t know why you want to make it different.” When mixing the topping she continued with “you don’t change something that’s already good.” During dinner she kept looking at my husband and when he commented that the macaroni sure was different, Chrissie immediately and boldly said “I told her but she didn’t listen to me…she never listened when she was growing up either!”

Another note:

While reading on The New Old Age site I came across a blog written by Paula Span that included comments from Dr. Ronald C. Petersen, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic who chairs the medical and scientific advisory board of the Alzheimer’s Association. He stated, “As their families know, Alzheimer’s sufferers may experience days of comparative lucidity alternating with days of bewilderment. Cognitive ability may even vary throughout the day; a person might be relatively sharp in the morning and by evening be quite confused.” I have never read or heard this stated so clearly before and am trying to research Dr. Petersen’s entire article. I know Chrissie has good and bad days and she does have the uncanny ability to “pull it together” whenever company comes.

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Thanks Valerie, I will check on this. Judy.