Saturday, May 23, 2009

Favorite Things

I thought this might be fun for Ms. Chrissy; the questions are from a favorite site, . Interestingly, she answered most immediately and more that a few really surprised me!

20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color- light blue
2. Dessert- cheesecake
3. Smell- lilac
4. Flower- red geraniums
5. Animal- Sam and Sasha (miniature schnauzers - mine and Wilma's)
6. Month- I like all of them
7. Beverage- Ale-8's (soft drink produced in Winchester, KY.)
8. Pair of shoes- tennis shoes
9. Snack- cheetos
10. Song- many pretty songs
11. Book- my Bible
12. Fruit- peaches
13. Hairstyle- the same one
14. Piece of clothing- jeans and pink blouse
15. Store to clothes shop- Belks
16. Season- spring
17. Hobby- use to be working in flowers
18. Thing to collect- never collected anything
19. Movie- Driving Miss Daisy
20. Restaurant- Kelsey’s


Oh Dear said...
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Oh Dear said...

I like this! I guess her Morgan Freeman lives next door.

Emily said...

you know grandmother calls mom's dog Sasha...SALSA!!! just thinking of that makes me smile and laugh out loud! Ale8 surprised me...i thought she would say coffee, and i had no idea her fav. color was light blue. i really enjoyed reading her answers! :)