Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Presents

According to mother, John talked with her about not spending a lot of money this Christmas; specifically, about buying a lot of presents. So, she decided she would just give out a few (7) checks - that's what she would do and kept repeating her plan the rest of the evening. The following day Sheila brought her a Christmas present and mother was going on and on that she had not planned to give Sheila a gift - just money, and now didn't know what to do. She then decided she'd open the present and see if she liked it - if she liked it she would then give a gift in return. Watching her try to gently open that present was a hoot - holding it way up close and carefully trying to slide her finger under the tape! While, she managed two sides, the paper was beginning to tear so I opened the back and showed her the present. She stated, "oh that's so pretty - now I'll get her something." The package was rewrapped though not as neatly as before.

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MDearing said...

Honestly is nice. AND even better to give a gift that you know the receipt really liked! I love this blog!