Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy Month

Chrissy has had some challenges this month. April has been a busy and stressful month for us and she clearly has felt the stress. Today is the 25th and so far we have had weekend company three times (all good), experienced termite sprawlers and exterminators in Chrissy's home, Sam, our Schnauzer, spent the day at the vets and returned home with her little leg and paw wrapped, along with medication twice a day, and last - I've had bronchitis!

Man oh man, we are all tired around here! Out of all of the above, Chrissy seemed to struggle most with Sam being hurt, bandaged, and medicated. A lot of repetitive Sam questions. When I was sick, she assumed her life-long role of "taking care." Even with the company, she did really well. For the most part, I tried to keep our schedules the same. With the annoying and unpleasant pests, she packed her red bag and stayed with us - worrying some, but mostly content.

She seems so weak and is very unsteady on her feet. I make sure she has her walker and have asked her two helpers to do the same.

The other evening we were watching her show, Andy Griffith, and when a commercial came one I muted it and said I wanted to close my eyes and have quiet for a few minutes. I asked her to tell me when Andy came back on and I'd turn on the sound. She said okay, and I really believed she understood. After more than a few minutes I opened my eyes and the show was back on. I looked at her and she was just watching; I turned the sound back on and said you were suppose to tell me when Andy came on - to which she replied, "it's just Barney and Aunt Bee."  She is just too funny sometimes!

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