Saturday, December 19, 2009


We have snow, about 6-8 inches and Chrissy is on the phone letting people know! Thursday, before the snowfall, she was focused on the one present under her tree, from her daughter-in-law. Last year she just had to know what her present was, so the gift was opened and then rewrapped; looks like with the snow she now has a new focus. Most days, Chrissy always looks forward to what the mailman might bring and more so with the season as she loves opening Christmas cards. It’s interesting to me that she remembers friends from thirty years or more. She recalled a time when she and two friends were making cream candy and as it was being pulled outside, the dog snatched it away! Chrissy said she just laughed at her friends because they were so mad! Yesterday she received a card that played music and just laughed as she opened and shut it several times. I love love love hearing her laugh!


Oh Dear said...

I know some folks who are jealous of your snow!

Kerry said...

Yes that would be me. I was so hoping for a white Christmas here in Ohio. No such luck. Although I do believe we will get some today. Chrissy's picture is so cute. She looks so happy.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!