Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday Card

A couple weeks ago Chrissy wanted a funny birthday card to send my sister in KY. I brought in four cards and she chose the one she liked best. I agreed to address the envelope and mail it once she had written a note or signed the card. Chrissy most always includes a check for birthdays and visits. Long story short, the card ended up missing and for days, off and on, we looked everywhere we could think off. Finally we pulled out the other cards and she decided on the next best card but was "too tired" to sign her name or write anything down. The following day my sister called to thank mother for her birthday money! Chrissy had forgotten that she had given the card to her youngest daughter to mail!

Looking for things in and around that house occurs so frequently that it is unbelievably comfortable. Either Chrissy has misplaced the item, someone while cleaning has put it up somewhere, company is in and rearranges to help out, and of course there is always my contribution to this dance. We know to start opening drawers, cabinets, and closets and we just find all kinds of new things!

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Kerry said...


I sure can relate to this post.
So many hours spent searching, searching, searching. I always found it so frustrating. Fortunately less is lost now since I have learned how to manipulate the environment to minimize this. Much harder for you though since your mom lives in her own home.

Enjoyed the post.