Monday, October 19, 2009

Where is the trash can??

A few days ago Chrissy told me that my sweet man took her bathroom trash can, seriously! Now, he does get her trash from the garage and takes it to the dump whenever he takes ours. I can't even imagine him going through the hallway into her bedroom to get to the bathroom trash - not happening, besides that's my job! Anyway I really thought we would find her container but after a few days of it missing I ventured to Wal-Mart and picked her up a new one, same color and almost the same size. Later the trash can was found outside on the deck by her flowers. As I was thinking about that I remembered one morning when I found the bird-feeder in the back bathroom. Chrissy most likely just got them mixed up - she loves to be busy and I can just see her moving along as she thinks she's helping out!

I'll provide a little more information on the bird-feeder task. Each evening Chrissy says "take in the bird-feeder" or will ask if I remembered to take it in. Then each morning it is put the bird-feeder back out as it hangs on a post off the deck. This daily ritual began last summer when one evening we saw a large raccoon sitting on the deck rail as he feasted on the bird food. I tried to run it off with a broom but that critter just looked at me and kept eating! I soon heeded Chrissy's advice that we should leave it alone and go back inside. Of all things for her to remember and fixate on. She knows that I don't particularly care for the bird-feeder task so in an effort to help me she frequently sets it outside the back door before I get there in the mornings. Just for clarification, that does not help.

I told her I was going to write about the missing trash can and wanted to take her picture holding it to post on the blog. Her reply, "no, let's leave it where it's at - it might get lost again!"

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Oh Dear said...

She makes me smile! We had a trash can incident today as well. Not the same but it made me smile too.